Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity Testing Services at RapidLab

Regarding the paternity test in Marietta GA, RapidLab is your reliable partner for accurate results and confidential services. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced team ensure you receive the answers you need. We offer the following services:

Paternity DNA Testing: Our advanced paternity DNA testing provides accurate and conclusive results, giving you peace of mind. We use cutting-edge technology to analyze DNA samples and determine biological relationships.

Legal Paternity Testing: Marietta paternity testing lab offers court-admissible DNA testing if you require a paternity test in Marietta GA, for legal purposes. Our strict chain of custody procedures ensures the integrity of the samples and results.

At-Home Paternity Testing: We provide at-home paternity testing kits for a convenient and discreet option. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can collect samples in your home and send them back to our lab for analysis.

Prenatal Paternity Testing: Our Marietta paternity testing lab offers prenatal paternity testing, allowing you to establish paternity before the baby is born. We use a non-invasive procedure that poses no risk to the mother or the baby.

Confidentiality and Privacy: RapidLab understands the sensitivity surrounding paternity test in Marietta GA. We ensure strict confidentiality and privacy throughout the process, safeguarding your personal information and test results.


Reasons To Conduct

Common reasons to request paternity test in Marietta GA, are:

  • Resolving doubts or uncertainties about biological fatherhood.
  • Establishing legal rights and responsibilities, such as child support or custody.
  • Clarifying familial relationships for inheritance or estate planning purposes.
  • Facilitating immigration processes that require proof of biological relationship.
  • Addressing concerns or disputes related to parental rights or visitation.
  • Validating biological connections for personal or emotional reasons.
  • Ensuring accurate family medical history and potential genetic conditions.
  • Seeking closure and peace of mind regarding paternity questions.
  • Building stronger family connections and relationships through verified biological ties.
  • Providing the child with a sense of identity and understanding of their genetic heritage.
  • Overcoming social stigmas or misconceptions about paternity.
  • Investigating cases of suspected infidelity or undisclosed paternity.
  • Assisting in legal proceedings, such as adoption or guardianship.
  • Supporting the child’s right to know their biological parentage.

How It's Done?

The steps involved in a paternity test are:

  • Collection of DNA samples from the alleged father, child, and, if possible, the mother.
  • Sample collection is typically done using a buccal swab, where the inside of the cheek is gently swabbed.
  • The collected samples are labeled and securely packaged.
  • The samples are sent to a laboratory for DNA extraction and analysis.
  • The DNA is examined in the laboratory, and specific genetic markers are compared.
  • The analysis determines the probability of paternity based on genetic similarities.
  • The results of the paternity test in Marietta GA, are generated, indicating the likelihood of a biological relationship.
  • The results are typically provided to the individuals involved in the test.
  • It is important to ensure confidentiality and privacy throughout the testing process.
  • The results can provide valuable information about the biological relationship between the tested individuals.
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